More WW2 POW/MIA Family DNA Needed For Identifications

Officers of the 515th Coast Artillery Regiment, New Mexico National Guard

To our friends in New Mexico! Over the last week I have been researching members of the 200th/515th Coast Artillery Corps (CAC) Regiment Veterans who are still listed as MIA and died at POW Camps O'Donnell and Cabanatuan in the Philippines. 84 of these men are listed as "Active Pursuit" cases by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) meaning 84 New Mexican Service Members could be identified today and brought home to their families for proper burial and recognition for the ultimate sacrifice they paid for our Freedom. We owe it to all these men to be rightfully buried under a marble cross with their own name, not a cross that says Unknown!

The 200th/515th CAC was an Army National Guard unit put into Federal Service before the outbreak of WW2. Many of the 200th/515th CAC MIAs still have living descendants in New Mexico who could provide Family Reference Samples (FRS) DNA. Many families still do not know this could be done to identify their MIA relative. I’m working with a few of these families and together we are going to be contacting the New Mexico media outlets and Members of Congress to help raise additional awareness in the need for FRS from other MIA families. It will not be easy and we need all the help we can get to bring the WW2 MIA issue to the forefront!

If you have a POW/MIA relative no matter what state you live in, we are encouraging you to contact your Members of Congress now to ask that the Department of Defense and the Service Casualty Offices to research all WW2 Active Pursuit cases and request FRS DNA. The current policy of the DOD/DPAA is that they have to have 60% FRS DNA on file for MIAs who were buried in mass POW camp graves before the DPAA will submit a Disinterment Request to the DoD to pursue an identification. Currently there are only 6% FRS DNA on file for all WW2 Active Pursuit cases. This is shameful when you compare it to the Korea/Vietnam MIAs who have over 95% FRS DNA on file with the DoD. At the present rate it will take decades for them to identify these men! Men who are buried in our own military cemeteries as Unknown!! The federal Government knows where they are buried!! Currently there are just over 1000 POW/MIAs who died at POW Camp Cabanatuan in the Philippines that could be identified today! Why as a Country have we not done more for these men?

We owe it to the Greatest Generation and WE can do better for our WW2 Heroes by asking that the DoD ramp up their efforts to collect the needed FRS DNA. Our MIA families need and deserve closure with the God Given Right to see their loved one brought home! Each and every one of you can help make a difference by contacting your Members of Congress to raise the awareness and importance of identifying these Heroes and bringing them home to their loved ones! Many who still have sisters and brothers still living don't have much more time to see the day their MIA brother is brought home! Will you help??? If you do contact your Members of Congress please let us know in the comments below! If at all else, please share this to your Facebook page to help us raise awareness to this issue! You can also find more information on my website

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