S/SGT Hershel Lee Covey, HQ Squadron, 24th Pursuit Group

S/SGT Hershel L. Covey 24th Pursuit Group

Staff Sergeant Hershel Lee Covey, who joined the U.S. Army Air Forces in Indiana, was a member of the Headquarters Squadron, 24th Pursuit Group, which was stationed in the Philippines during World War II. He was captured in Bataan following the American surrender and died of cerebral malaria on July 17, 1942, at the Cabanatuan Prison Camp. Staff Sergeant Covey was buried in communal grave 303 in the camp cemetery along with other deceased American POWs; however, his remains could not be associated with any remains recovered from Cabanatuan after the war. Today, Staff Sergeant Covey is memorialized on the Walls of the Missing at the Manila American Cemetery in the Philippines. US POW/MIA Family Locating is working with his descendants to identify the other POW families for their FRS.

Below is the obituary for S/SGT Covey's niece, daughter of his only sibling Dorothy I. (Covey) Stone. If you are related, I would like to talk with you.

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