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Martin Kunik's Story

Stuck in an Unchanging State of Limbo

PVT Martin Kunik_edited.jpg

PVT Martin L. Kunik, Company H, 31st Infantry Regiment

Family Interview with his nephew, Frank Kunik, Jr., DO

The story of my uncle's life is very similar to thousands of other immigrants who came to this country and fought valiantly in the United States Armed Services for our sacred freedoms.  Martin came from what was then Czechoslovakia with his family at age 15, to escape the rising threat of fascism and Nazi-ism that was insidiously and darkly overtaking the European continent.  He spoke no English.  However, his family – my family – recognized that there were unique opportunities given to them by a country that, for all practical purposes, welcomed them.  They understood that the preservation of those opportunities meant fighting the threats that encroached upon the USA, including possible war with other countries.  As such, Martin enlisted in the United States Army and re-enlisted when the appropriate time came and became a naturalized citizen during his service. (Click Button for Full Interview)

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US POW/MIA Family Locating has worked with PVT Kunik's family from the very beginning - and we’re happy to be their partner throughout their journey.

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